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These articles are for general information purposes only, they are not intended to constitute legal advice or opinion. Please contact Weblegal to discuss your own circumstances and legal requirements.

Wills and Estates

Legal Requirements for a Valid Will

There are a number of requirements that need to be fulfilled if a court is to consider a will to be valid. This article provides an overview of the factors that are required under New South Wales law and which must satisfy the courts and also what factors will invalidate a will if they are present.

Challenging a Will

Not just anyone can challenge a validly made will in New South Wales. This article explains who can contest a will and what they are required to prove.

How to Draft a Will

This article is for those DIY will enthusiasts. We do not recommend that you draft your own will - we would like to do it for you of course. But if you are determined to go ahead anyway this article provides an outline of the essential provisions that should not be left out of a will.

Intellectual Property Law Articles

Optus loses TV Now case against Telstra, AFL and NRL

The full court of the Federal Court has overturned the Federal Court ruling that upheld Optus' right to stream football matches and which rejected the argument that Optus' actions were a breach of copyright. The Full Court has essentially found the reverse of the judge's findings at first instance.

Developments in intellectual property law in January 2012

So far in 2012 we have had the self inflicted blackouts of a large number of sites in protest over two bills (proposed statutes or legislative acts) before the US House of Representatives. Then we had the arrests of the people behind the filelocker or filevault site, Megaupload and finally a US Supreme Court ruling concerning GPS that could have very wide privacy and law enforcement repercussions in that country at least. The case is United States v Jones No. 10-1259 and Weblegal will provide a separate summary and consideration on this site soon.

The 2012 Super Bowl, the yoghurt commercial and the John Butler Trio song "Zebra"

This article is to do with a yoghurt ad aired during the 2012 Super Bowl, its copyright, possible copyright infringement and a number of other statutory breaches and common law intransigences. The advertisement is contained in the article, and directly below that is a video of the song Zebra to which the riff in the advertisement some may think has more than a passing resemblance.

Employment Law

Summary of amendments to the Sex Discrimination Act

The amendments include establishing breastfeeding as a separate ground and extending existing family responsibility protections. They also bring other changes to do with employment and education.

Social Networking - Employees at Work, at Home and Online

This article explores the separation and overlap of work, the employment relationship and out of hours conduct. A couple of the cases which are mentioned are quite racy, so it is not for the prudish - you have been warned.

Unfair dismissal: an overview under the Fair Work system

What is unfair dismissal? This article explains the concept of unfair dismissal, who can make an unfair dismissal application and where and when they should be made.

Sham contracting

This article outlines the legal principles that are considered in relation to the penalties that are imposed for breaching the provisions. They are illustrated by their application in a recent case.


Civil Litigation: Debt Recovery

An article outlining the court procedures involved in recovering a debt owed for breach of contract in New South Wales, including which court to use and what you will need to prove. It also includes a link to an example letter of demand, which should be sent before any legal action is commenced.

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