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Information Technology and E-Commerce Law

Weblegal assists in the legal issues that arise in connection with the development, licensing and use of information technology. The legal services relating to information technology (IT) that Weblegal provides predominantly concern the drafting of contracts or agreements concerning software licensing and maintenance, IT consulting, e-commerce, website hosting and development and distribution. However, other areas including employment, defamation, tort more generally and criminal may also be a factor. Legislation at state, national and international levels may need to be considered. In Australia acts such as the Electronic Transactions Act, the Copyright Act, the Competition and Consumer Act to name but a few also impact on IT law and need to be taken into account and complied with.

Examples of some agreements and licences that we can advise on and prepare include:

  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Shrink-wrap, click-wrap software licences
  • Dispute resolution
  • Database development and maintenance agreement
  • Software evaluation licence
  • Joint venture and licensing agreements
  • Website software development, licensing and support agreements
  • Outsourcing and bureau agreements
  • Multimedia product licence and distribution agreements
  • software development and licensing agreements
  • Hardware maintenance and software support services agreements
  • Master service agreements
  • Linking and advertising agreements
  • Assignments of IP rights in websites
  • Website terms of use
  • Content licence agreements
  • Domain transfer agreements
  • Data processing agreements

Weblegal can assist. Contact us if you would like to arrange a free consultation with no obligations. We can come to you.

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