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Real Property - Buying and Selling of Residential Property

Conveyancing - the process of buying and selling of real property - is one of our principal areas of legal practice. We offer these services, whether you are buying or selling, on a very competitive flat fee basis.

Below is a brief overview of the typical steps involved when buying and selling real property.

Buying a Property

  • Review and discuss the terms of the draft contract and all the included documents that form part of the contract.
  • If required contact the buyer's bank or lending institution to discuss their requirements.
  • Perform pre-contract searches and make the appropriate inquiries.
  • Negotiate any amendments with the seller's solicitor.
  • Once preliminary searches, inquiries and inspections are considered satisfactory we will explain the terms of the contract more fully and arrange for the exchange of signed completed contracts.
  • Exchange final signed contracts and provide the deposit.
  • Issue requisitions.
  • Stamp contract and transfer.
  • Arrange and attend to settlement. You will then have the keys so that you can enter and take possession of the property.
  • Lodge title deeds and provide you with the original deeds after registration (unless there is a lender who will require them).
  • Send post settlement notices to relevant authorities.
  • Selling a Property

  • We prepare a draft contract for the sale of land attaching all the required searches and documents. This is then given to the your real estate agent so that the property can then be listed and the draft provided to potential buyers.
  • When a buyer is found we negotiate the terms of the final contract with their solicitor.
  • The finalised contracts are then signed and exchanged and a deposit is given to your real estate agent to hold until settlement.
  • If the property is the subject of a mortgage we liaise with your lender in respect of financial arrangements that need to be made.
  • We respond to the buyers requisitions on title and any other questions they might have.
  • We arrange for the signing of the draft transfer.
  • Settlement is then arranged, which we then attend and finalise.
  • Your property transaction is then complete.

  • The legal services that we offer in respect of real property also include leases and tenancies, mortgages, easements, covenants, transfers and securities.

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