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A new kind of legal practice

Weblegal isn't your average law firm. We take a different, more holistic, approach to what our clients want and the services we provide. Weblegal leverages new technology to bring a new business model to the practice of law. Our overheads are lower and consequently our costs and bills are lower. If we want harbour views we go to the harbour to work and become part of the view.

A different practice

In today's world there is no longer any need for the swish city legal office with its accompanying costs. Such trappings are merely designed to impress. Our services are not aimed at the impressionable; they are aimed at the discerning individual who is after substance and professionalism. We provide that. We work quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Most of the services that we offer don't require face-to-face meetings, but when they do1 we can come to you, and we won't charge you for the trip.

Contact us to begin a friendly professional relationship. We'll be there when you're ready.


1 Occasionally face-to-face meetings will be required, for example when checking identity under the legal requirements relating to fraud, or when called upon by the body of law, including the profession''s rules, that governs and regulates the practice of law in New South Wales. Other reasons might be convenience, preference or the sensitivity of the issue. Whatever the reason, as stated above we can come to you.

Weblegal can assist. Contact us if you would like to arrange a free consultation with no obligations. We can come to you.

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